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Saturday, January 30, 2010

(1/29) Registration

(1/29)Registration officially began at 9, but by the time we had reached Upper Campus at 8:45 the cue (line) was already around Jamensen Hall. Essentially a giant representation of how that day would go. We had to hand write our classes into “forms” before meeting with an advisor, who merely checked to see if we entered the correct information. Of course, it wasn’t that simple, one had to wait in line in order to receive the forms and then proceed to a different line to meet with an advisor. Come 10:15 my forms were approved and I was off to another cue to have my classes formally registered online (why I couldn’t have proceeded immediately to this step on my own computer is beyond me). Last but not least, was the cue to receive our Student Cards. Three hours later, my student card picture was taken and printed and I was on my way. Procedures in Africa are simply more tedious. Although one should never expect a task to be overly complicated, they are certainly never efficient.

With half the day dedicated to cues, my flat mates were only left with a few hours to find dresses for the J&B Met. We headed to Victoria Wharf on the Waterfront for a few hours. Despite the price conversions being awesome here (the dollar is equivalent to 7 rand), shopping at the Wharf was a bit of reality check. Lots of things are extraordinarily cheap, such as food and alcohol; however, clothes are not. Although everyone needs food, it was made clear by the prices that not everyone needs to dress in European styled clothing.

We have been trying to eat “locally” and try out different places in the area that would be different then something we could find at home, but we absolutely cracked last night and ordered pizzas. Come on, two large pizzas for 50 rand, which is basically $7. Too good to pass up. Four pizzas later, our cravings moved to Oreos. Although we found some, they only came in vanilla. Sad day. But really, not that sad, they were delicious. We headed to bed early in preparation for the J&B Met. So excited. The event begins at 10, but the first race doesn’t begin until 2. Needless to say, I plan on mimosas starting my day off to the right start. Breakfast of champions.

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