Cape Town's Date & Time

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I guess it would be most appropriate for me to start at the beginning. I am heading to South Africa for the next five months, where I will be attending the University of Cape Town. I have always wanted to study abroad and never had an inkling of where it was I should go, that was until my first winter in Minneapolis. Now, I have lived in the Midwest for quite a while now, but nothing is as dreadful as waking up in the morning to the indisputable fact that I have to get out of bed and cross the Mississippi River in mind-numbingly awful temperatures. If I could feel my limbs by the time I got to class, it was truly a good start to the day. So with this in mind (and many other factors of course), the University of Cape Town became the ideal place for me to finish up my minors, as well as avoid Seasonal Affective Disorder (which I am convinced all midwesterners suffer from, and I sure don't blame us).
Well, I guess the time has officially come. I have put off packing long enough and it is time to begin my adventure in South Africa. Sadly, I have spent triple the time figuring out a name for this blog, then actually packing.This pre-departure week has been great, as it has been filled by my mission to enjoy all my favorite past times before leaving (work out, watch movies, make pizzas from scratch with Mom and Lee, essentially I have cooked and ate like I may never see food again). Monday and Tuesday have been set aside to run any last minute errands and, more importantly, pack.
Good Night from Wisconsin (only 3 more left).

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