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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Last Night in the US (for 5 months!)

I am all packed and about as ready as I am going to be for my semester abroad. I have one large suit case, a hiking back pack, and my school back pack! I guess its a lot easier to pack for 5 months of warm weather than this Midwest weather.

Hopefully the airport will let me carry on both my hiking and school back pack, so I would only have to check my suit case (and if for some reason my checked baggage would be seperated from me, I would have my more important valuables (underwear and swim suit) with me no matter what on arrival).

I was sure to pack my travel charms; they will bring me any luck I may need (sleep and patience).

I am dreading tomorrow's travel. As of now, my flight schedule should be as follows:
10AM flight out of Milwaukee into St. Louis
11:50AM flight out of St. Louis into Washington Dulles
5:40PM flight out of Washington Dulles into Johannesburg (arriving 1/14 at 6:20PM)
8:10 PM flight out of Johannesburg into Cape Town
So I should officially be at my final destination at 10:20PM.... LONGEST DAY EVER.

I am going to try my best to stay awake until my international flight in hopes that I will be able to sleep through some of the night (doubtful). I have some nifty sleep meds and have the full intentions of abusing their medical purposes.

In Washington Dulles, I will be meeting other students also heading to Cape Town, so I will only be flying solo during my domestic flights. Tomorrow morning will officially mark my independence from my cellular device, which is the most nerve wracking part of the trip. Moments like this make me feel too strapped to technology, since people all over the world don't have cell phones, let alone rely on them.

Good night from New Berlin, hopefully my next post will be from CAPE TOWN!!

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