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Thursday, April 8, 2010


I am a failure to the blogging world. At first I was so adamant about staying up to date on my adventures in Cape Town, but this Cape Town life style has slowly consumed my life. Time is irrelevant and I am finding concentrating on blogging more difficult than ever before.

So what have I been up to... We received off for Good Friday and the following Monday as it was 'Family Day.' Therefore, I was able to extend my vacationing mode for another 4 days. Whereas my semester break was consumed by activity and exploration, this became my Cape Vacation, filled with relaxation.

Good Friday:
Since this was our official beginning of our "vacation vacation," we headed to the one and only Tank for half price sushi and cocktails. Delicious. Us girls managed to spend 4 hours just hanging and enjoying our afternoon. Who doesn't love a meal that turns into an afternoon?

The girls woke up super early to send our support Ben as he was running in the Old Mutual Two Oceans Half Marathon.

I freaking love running events. I love runners and the excitement. The other event of the day was the Ultra Marathon of 35 miles! Those people are incredible. I still haven't run further than a half marathon, but maybe one day I will get a full under my belt. After all this excitement, the Twin Cities Marathon is becoming highly considered.

After the race we headed to the Old Biscuit Mill for brunch. Tiffany and I tried a vegan meal, hurray for being adventurous. Following the Mill, Will and I headed on a hike. We really wanted to check out the Newlands Forest, which isn't that far from UCT, but we ended up on a quite random adventure. WE FOUND AN ABANDONED ZOO. Besides being absolutely freaky, it was awesome. It was apparently once University property, but has been completely abandoned and has become consumed by overgrown plants. Its a scene for a scary movie.

After our grand adventure, Will made dinner for a group of us as we enjoyed a beautiful night in Cape Town. After our feast, everyone retired early, literally. I mean the six of us were passed out on all the couches by 10pm. We are quite the outgoing bunch.

Easter Sunday
On Easter, we headed to the last of the Summer Kirstenbosch Gardens shows for a reggae concert. Geared with some blankets, wine, and a picnic, our evening was fantastic. I really love reggae, its super relaxing and a chill atmosphere. I was digging the vibe, that's for sure.

For our last day out, I mainly stuck to doing homework. It has been quite a while since I was in school mode (since before my mom and sister came... that was in mid March).

LINDSEY's 21ST!! HUrray for going out on school nights.
Lindsey is one of my favorite new friends in Cape Town and my roommate; therefore, we decided to go all out for her big 2-1. We were out quite late, but that is the only way to celebrate entry into "real" adulthood.

Tiff, Brittany, Birthday girl, and Kara (I'm in there too)

Go Girls... We're looking fly!

Well, thats my recent life. I will be pretty busy the next two weeks academically, but I am sure there will be a few adventures along the way. OOOOo! On Monday, my neighbor Rob is taking me surfing. Finally. I will try not to embarrass myself. But he thinks he can get me up after an hour of two in the water.

Again, I am sorry for being so erratic with the blog. I will work on getting back in the game, because I am having such an adventure and want to be able to share it, you know.

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