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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Surfing Muzenburg! (4/12)

As my time in Cape Town is quickly flying by, I figured it was about time that I got myself on a surf board and see what I could do. Therefore, with the forecast indicating Monday was the last official nice day of summer, reaching 80 degrees, it was declared “Learn to Surf Day.” Rob, my neighbor, agreed to take Lina, Tiffany, and myself out for the afternoon to Muzenburg beach, so following lunch we hoped the train and headed to the beach for the afternoon. We rented wet suits (the water is COLD) and surfboards and after a 60 second demonstration on the board, we were in the water. Rob deemed surfing as more of a do-to-learn experience, than a “be taught” experience. I agree.

Holy arm work out. In order to get out to where the waves were “surfable”, we had to paddle our way, getting tossed by the incoming waves. By the time we got out, I was pretty exhausted. Concentrating on paddling, incoming waves, closing my eyes to avoid salt water, and holding my breath to not drown really took it out of me. However, the adrenalin was enough to kick me into drive… I was able to catch quite a few waves, standing up and riding 4 of them in! What What! After an hour of being out in the water, I was done. I was really starting to get the feel of what a good wave was and my form was improving, but I was just too exhausted to continue to get myself out to the surf. So, we traded in our suits and boards and headed to the ice cream stand!

Great day. And I was able to do another thing that Lake Michigan couldn’t offer… Catch a great wave on an awesome beach.

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