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Friday, April 2, 2010


March 23-March 28
Following my incredible stay in Botswana, we headed to Zambia. In order to cross into Zambia we needed to take boat carriers over the Zambezi River. This 4 hour process was a ridiculous sight (sorry for no photos, my camera was in our giant bus and I was on foot). We waited in line among random trucks, fruit carriers, and people attempting to cross the border. Although we were able to catch a ferry rather quickly, our bus was not so lucky.

Viva Zambia (and Victoria Falls)
Once in Zambia we headed to Livingstone to set up our campsite before heading to Victoria Falls for the afternoon. First off, Victoria Falls is beautiful. Originally called "The Mist that Thunders," the waterfall is truly amazing (and you really do hear it before you see it). Vic Falls is on the border of Zimbabwe so there are technically two sides to the waterfall. Entering the falls is incredible. You literally get doused with water and there is mist everywhere AND it is WARM. We ran around like little kids in Disney Land taking goofy pictures and splashing each other. Loved Vic Falls.
Above: Roommate shot (love these girls)
Below: Hurray for Vic Falls

The night of the 25th we decided to begin officially celebrating my 21st birthday. We played card games at the campsite bar that overlooked the Zambezi River. At midnight my roommates surprised me with shots of tequila and our cook added in an additional shot of J├Ąger. Yuck. Needless to say, I had a fabulous night. I may be sparing lots of details due to the lagging memory... But I guess all that matters is that I had a great night, one that will probably never be topped.

My birthday itself was incredible. I woke up still drunk, which is pathetic. Anywhooo, we jumped on a bus and headed to a giant gorge (looked like scenes from the movie Up!) before enjoying a day of adrenaline packed festivities. By noon I gorge jumped, which is equivalent to a 54 meter free fall plunge before being swung across the gorge... HUrray.. That surely knocked any hang over right out of me. Thank God Lina went tandem with me, because I would have freaked out on my own. The gorge jump is more of a fall, you have to stand with your heels hanging over the edge and literally fall backwards into the deeps below. Although I was so proud of myself and running on a high, I felt ridiculous when I realized that I had kept my eyes completely closed the entire fall. Damn. My "higher than life" experience was equivalent to me falling Helen Keller style, literally I have no recollection of anything about the fall, my senses were nonexistent. Nonetheless, I DID feel my heart pounding through my chest, so points for that.

Lina and I before the JUMP!

That night the cook made me a birthday cake!! Everyone was so incredibly kind to me on my birthday. It was sad to be so far from home, but at the same time my friends here made sure that I had the time of my life and for that I am so thankful. While us girls were out being adventurous, the boys decided to spend a lazy afternoon on the Zambezi catching fish. And they successfully caught two to bring home and cook for dinner. And they were fabulous.

Daniel with his fresh catch

The last day of our trip we went to Zimbabwe for the day before coming home to "booze cruise." O dear. Too much indulging for Michelle. It was a really good time though. A great way to end the trip: sipping on a cold drink while cruising the upper part of Victoria Falls.

Did I mention my life is good? Well, it is freaking great.

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