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Monday, April 12, 2010

Beach bum Sunday (4/11)

Danger Beach, Playground fun, Hipster shopping, & the Brass Bell

After quickly coming to terms with the fact that the library was closed Sunday, four of us (Tiffany, Ben, Will, and myself) packed up our bags and headed to the beach to soak up some rays. We took the train to Danger Beach right outside of Kalk Bay and enjoyed the afternoon reading, listening to music, and having photo shoots. Both Tiffany and Will are quite into photography so I have managed to steal some of their pictures. The entire afternoon (and day) was pretty much the epitome of relaxation and enjoyment.
The ocean looked awful good!
Tiffany and Me

Will and Me

After a few hours on the beach, it started to get pretty chilly so we headed to Kalk Bay for the afternoon. We stumbled upon an awesome little park and had a blast swinging and playing on the monkey bars. Will and Tiffany got super artsy and spent quite a bit of time with their cameras.

After the park we meandered through little boutiques wasting away most of the afternoon. By the time we were all shopped out, it was pretty much dinner time so we decided to eat the "freshest fish" at the incredible Brass Bell, which is literally positioned beside the ocean. Dinner was excellent, not to mention the atmosphere of the restaurant was incredible. A live band ended up playing, which just added to the experience. By the time we had to catch the train home, I was ready to stay forever.

The Brass Bell (we sat in the 2nd big window from the left)

Good Sunday! I am off to the beach to learn to surf. Hurray!

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