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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

(2/1) Back porch, (2/2) Clifton beach, (2/3) Observatory

(2/1) O Week has begun on campus. Clubs have booths in the main area of campus and are soliciting for members, class schedules are being posted throughout the different departments, and tutorial sign ups are available. Basically every time I enter campus with an initiative, I leave having 5 more things I need to return for.

Today was a lazy day. After being on campus for a while, we headed back to our porch to relax and take in the sun. It took the sun setting before we realized we had chatted the day away.

(2/2) I headed straight up to campus bright and early to speak with my African Instruments professor about the course and expectations. It is going to be ridiculous. We meet twice a week, once in a small group of students to learn a portion of a piece and then with an entire ensemble to play the pieces collectively. The instruments we will learn to play are beautiful, but it may take me a while to figure out how to pronounce their names.

We caught a minibus to Clifton for a day at the beach. Clifton is on the Atlantic Ocean and the water is so cold that it made my feet numb within seconds of touching the water. Four hours later, I had a sufficient sunglass tan line and a bit of a burn. We walked from Clifton to Camps Bay for appetizers and cocktails. The walk was a bit of hike following Clifton’s four different beaches to the Bay. The most beautiful summer homes line the cliffs over the ocean.

(2/3) I am burned. Fried. A freakin’ tomato. And I am rocking a sweet sunglass tan on my face. Thank God the sun is hiding this morning behind some of the first clouds Cape Town has seen in weeks.

Today I was able to head to the different disciplines’ departments to acquire further details of which days of the week I will have class and where. Although I registered last week, I was merely told that I was in four courses in 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th periods. Each period lasts 45 minutes and there are nine periods (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, M, 7, 8) throughout the day beginning at 8AM, meridian or lunch at 1PM, and last classes being held at 3PM. I have two classes on Friday; I foresee some conflict of interests…

Lindsey, my roommate, and I decided to explore Observatory, a neighboring suburb. Although we had ventured there before, we were confident the day scene would be different than the night scene. And that it was. We had found hippie paradise; organic cafes and markets, huka shops, and sushi on every corner. I will most certainly be returning to a corner café to study, have coffee, and a sandwich during a hard school week.

I made two stops up to campus today. With most of my course schedules pretty much ready to go, I made my way to the sports pavilion to register for the Mountain and Ski club, as well as interview for SHAWCO, a student volunteer group.

For dinner I had my virgin taste of Indian food. I had a medium spiced dish and went through a good 5 glasses of water. Lindsey basically had to order everything for me. I will be returning and will be prepared with tums.

Off to bed, we are hiking Table Mountain tomorrow morning.

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