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Thursday, February 11, 2010

(2/10) Ostrich steak!

Back to back to back classes: Liberation of Southern Africa; Gender, Sexuality, and Politics; and Africa: The Making of a Continent to 1800. It was a rather cool morning and even misting, but in a non-shocking swing of weather, by the time my first class was done the sun was beating in full force and it was at least 90 degrees outside, the makings for the most disgusting hair-do possible. I was a sweaty mess. The lecture halls don’t have air-conditioning, so thankfully, I am not the only dripping student.

Lecture was a little intimidating. Our professor spoke on behalf of Botswana’s significance in the liberation of Southern Africa. He literally word vomited more names and dates than I though possible (not to mention most of the names have unfamiliar pronunciations). This was a major acknowledgement to the non-colonial historical aspects of Africa NOT mentioned in any of my history classes attended. I may need to do some behind the scene brushing up on my own this weekend. At a minimum, memorizing all the African countries, their political leaders, and capitals.

My gender class is taught by this middle-aged woman, who wears her hair in her face and she wipes it from side to side every other minute or so. She also arrives at least 5 minutes late to her own class. Besides these inherently distracting traits, she brilliantly lectures and leads outrageous discussions in class. She is the devil’s advocate if I have ever seen one.

In Africa: the Making of a Continent, we went over the subjective histories produced by colonial historians and Africanist or Nationalist historians on pre-1800 African history. I have my first paper due in that class for Monday already. I am really excited to have to put some pen to paper in an academic effort (not that this blog hasn’t been stimulating, its just I am craving to not see the word I or we in every other sentence I write, I feel vain).

After lecture, Lindsey, Daniel, and I headed to Cocoa Wah Wah for some quality free internet time. It is shocking how quickly one can burn through internet mega-bites and I had a list of emails I wanted to write, so I figured if a muffin could score me free internet, then I was getting a muffin (pumpkin to be exact). After Cocoa Wah Wah, we headed to Wolworths (basically equivalent to Lunds or any “nicer” grocery store) to pick up some ostrich steaks for our barbeque later that night.

Daniel was the ultimate grill master. Besides ostrich, he prepared hamburgers, zucchini, and asparagus. Delicious. Ostrich steak essentially taste like a much lighter form of steak. I really enjoyed it and now my desire for an ostrich egg omelet has expanded considerably. Sorry for the lack of pictures from the feast, my camera is still acting funky from being overheated. Hopefully a few days of shade in a drawer and it will start to act functionally again.

After dinner, I stayed in to finish Wicked. I did finish it and with reluctance. I have never hated a novel more. I have tried two times prior to finish and just couldn’t get through it and I figured here I would be able to really get into it, well I dragged through it. Now, I am absolutely no book expert and I have never seen the musical, but after listening to the soundtrack a couple tens of times on repeat, I have no idea how that book becomes the musical. I guess I will just have to head to Chicago for a viewing this summer.

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