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Saturday, February 6, 2010

(2/5) First day of class

Needless to say, no run this morning. I am a wee-bit sore from the hike. On a positive and exciting note, first day of class!!! After a week of miscellaneous trips to and from campus, it was time to make my way to lecture. I went to campus early to turn in my “clubs” sign up form after deciding to participate in the Mountain and Ski club and the Film Society (apparently they serve sushi during the movies, sounds glorious to me). I also had an interview (more for placement purposes then actual acceptance/rejection) for SHAWCO, a student volunteer group, earlier this week so I needed to hand in some paperwork at their office as well.


After I ran my errands I was able to attend my first lecture of the new decade and on the African continent, Gender, Sexuality, and Politics: Debates in Contemporary African Contexts. My professor opened class by asking for 5 commonly spoken languages in Europe and then 5 commonly spoken languages of Africa (in countries north of South Africa) that were not colonial languages. Needless to say, I was able to come up with two languages (Swahili and Arabic) spoken in Africa, and I was not alone with the lack of African knowledge. Lecture eventually found its way to South African President Zuma, who just this week took responsibility for a love child with his mistress (did I mention he is a polygamist having just married his third wife this summer (he has been married to two others but one passed away and the other marriage ended in divorce)). This so called “love child” makes the president father of 19 children. We ended lecture by reading a BBC article about President Zuma, in which he is addressed as Mr. Zuma rather than President, as well as refers to his tribe the Zulus, as a group of people who engage in polygamy, which to an extent undermines the legality of polygamy in the country by making it a “group practice.” I was thrilled by the end of class by the discussions and will probably attend this class more than any other course this semester.

The rest of the day was dedicated to random adventures. Lindsey and I spent some of our day in Rondebosch to grocery shop and look at school supplies. FACT: the standard size paper here is different than in the U.S. AND folders are non-existent. We also managed to find a South African television show (on one of the two channels that we have on our TV.) that is equivalent to American Idol. The host is more annoying than Ryan Secrest, which was shocking, so I am guessing there is going to be minimum TV. watching this semester.

Much to my dismay, I ended up heading to Long Street to bar hop for the night instead of staying home and cuddling up to some episodes of LOST. We started the night at the Dubliner before heading to the Waiting Room. Long Street is more of a place you head if you are excited for a LONG night, so its not so much my scene, but I still enjoyed myself and am glad I went out for the night. However, when I got home I foolishly spent way too much time on the Internet and used up all my megabites. New rule: no Internet for me after a night at the bars.

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