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Monday, February 8, 2010

(2/7) Cave exploring and Tiffany's Birthday

I was able to get a quick run in before heading back up Table Mountain to find a series of caves that are apparently not far from a previous hike we had taken. Of course, instead of taking the leisure trail up the side of the mountain, we hauled ass up the “short cut.” After 2 hours of hiking we managed to get ourselves directly below the caves, so being the college-educated people we are, we chose to scale a cliff to shorten the time. At one point I was literally able to look straight down and see my death. The experience for the other members of the hike was exhilarating, I on the other hand did not enjoy the adrenaline rush. I will be sticking to the trails from now on. The walk home was excellent. Usually the trek up is done in relative silence and the hike down is where most the conversations take place.
Top: Trail blazing...
Middle: View from the cave
Bottom: Walk down (water front in the far right hand corner)

Once home, I took a quick shower and a brief nap before getting ready to celebrate Tiffany’s (my neighbor) birthday. Tiffany, Lindsey, Ben, Daniel, Matt, and myself headed to Café Caprice in Camps Bay for the evening of celebration. We have sort of formed a clique for going out or just hanging out during our free time. Café Caprice was once again a ridiculously good time. After taking tequila shots at midnight to celebrate her big 22, the boys wanted to make sure they could make it to a sports bar for the kick off for the Super Bowl starting at 1:30 AM. Needless to say, the girls passed in order to get some shut eye before our 9AM class the next morning.

Group shot: Lindsey, Ben, me, Matt, Tiffany, and Daniel

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