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Sunday, February 28, 2010

(2/27) Food + Soweto Gospel Choir = What more can I ask for

SATURDAY, February 27: I started my day with a run through UCT campus (up mountain) to Rhodes Memorial. This incredibly built monument literally sits on the side of the mountain peering over the suburbs of Cape Town. I did abs and stretched on top along side a hundred boys practicing some form of karate on the memorial. So cool.
Rhodes Memorial

After a quick shower, a group of us headed to the Old Biscuit Mill, an open market. I don’t even know how to describe this place besides as the most wonderful place in the world. Over a hundred different food stands serving anything from vegan meals to ostrich burgers to hand rolled sushi. I had an incredible chicken sandwich and ice cream before heading to the clothing portion of the market. Besides food and clothing, there are also furniture outlets, boutiques, jewelry stands, and everything in-between.

Fresh produce, home-made honey, and much, much more

Weird vegan food and goodies...

The market closed at 2, which was a good thing because I could have stayed and eaten myself into a stupor. We had tickets for the Soweto Gospel Choir concert showing at the Kirstenbosch Botanical gardens, so we quickly had to get home and pack up some snacks for the night. Lindsey made hamantaschen in celebration of Purim. Delicious. We were able to catch free buses from UCT to the gardens before the show started. The venue was beautiful. Although we had blankets to sit and watch, we were quickly brought to our feet by the incredible performance. The singers were incredible; they could really put the American Idol contestants to shame.


When we arrived home we had received word of another giant earthquake, this time in Chile. CNN Online came in handy, but this has been another reminder of how nice some cable would be. These natural disasters better stay on the Western Hemisphere!

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