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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

(2/9) Beach then class!

Life is good. I seriously can't complain. I walked to class at 10 and by 11:30 I was on my way to Muzenburg beach. During class we watched a film distributed to high schools in the area regarding dating, sex, and HIV. Considering the huge HIV rate here, it was shocking to see how candid the film makers were about young people having sex. The documentary basically talked to young adults about their experiences and these kids were pretty explicit. Where as the "sex talk" in the US is pretty taboo (but nonetheless happens), it is not here, but I guess that comes hand in hand with a nation that has HIV rates as high as 3 in 5 people.

The train ride to the beach was pretty brutal. With just a few windows open, the heat accelerated quickly. Daniel, Tiffany, and I were itching to get out by the time our stop came. I literally dropped my beach bag and walked straight into the ocean once there. I have been dragging through the novel Wicked (I honestly have never hated a book more, but for some reason I will not not finish it). I am so close to being finished, which is perfect timing since I have a few recommended novels for class to put under my belt. After two hours on sunbathing, we headed on a walk through the beach and around town. We found an absolutely incredible ice cream stand and I may have gotten a cone of chocolate chip cookie dough. On a sad note, I think my camera has internal injuries. It has been acting up after a long day in the sun and it is not taking the highest quality pictures. Hopefully it just needs to cool off and it will be able to sort itself out.

After the beach, we headed into Rondebosch to find some ostrich burgers to barbeque tomorrow. After running a few errands, I headed home to eat the rest of my HUGE burrito from Panchos and relax (aka detox). GREAT day. Period.

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