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Saturday, February 6, 2010

(2/6) Rugby match at FIFA stadium

Despite waking up even sorer and a bit hung over, I decided it was time to buck up and go for a run. I would prefer to not come home as a fatty, so if I am going to indulge more than usual, I need to get a good workout in. Although my run started off rough, I was cruising by the time I had gotten home and had I not been in a rush to get ready for the rugby match, I would have kept going. Also, there is a half marathon in April in Cape Town and I am thinking about running it, so I am going to need to start getting some longer runs in eventually.

We had a pre-game party in our front porch for all of us (basically all 50 Interstudy students) before heading to the newly built FIFA World Cup Stadium. While others played beer pong, I stuck to water. The FIFA stadium had only been used once prior, so the rugby game was the second event ever held and more fans allotted tickets to this game then the previous. We took a mini-bus to the stadium before finding our seats. The Stormers (blue and white) played Boland (black, yellow, and green). The fans in the row ahead of us cheered for the Stormers, so we decided to help them out.

Above: The Stormers
Below: Shot of inside new stadium

The Stormers crushed Boland. Rugby is an interesting sport, played with two 40-minutes halves (the clock generally does not stop until the end of the half). A player can score by either running the ball into the end zone and touching the ball to the ground (5 points) or kicking the ball through the field goal (3 points). I have no idea what the actual terminology used for the sport is, so bear with the football terms. It may be a bit too aggressive for my liking, I noticed myself more afraid for the players then excited for them. I went through a stroll through the stadium during the game, the prices for food and drinks are WAY less expensive then they would be at home. For example, beer is 15 rand, which is equivalent to $2 American dollars.

After the game I headed home to skype the entire family for the first time. We finally figured out how to three-way call. I am hoping now that I am settling into an academic schedule that three-way skype can happen more often.

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